Jacob Morton

Vice-Chair, Founder
Engineer, MedicAlert Foundation

Jacob Morton is a veteran of the HackSI events having been a volunteer and mentor every year since its inception.

His interests in technology was sparked at a very young age, but the true journey didn't begin until he received his first book on programming at the age of fourteen. With a passion for puzzles, data sets, and robotics he continued down the path of self learning with the help of some friends and mentors along the way.

Eventually Dav Glass became one of those friends and mentors; with his direction Jacob became involved with various aspects of the local and open source technology communities. This led to working with HackSI where Jacob found he had a passion for teaching.

Over the next few years of volunteering with HackSI, Jacobs knowledge base increased tenfold causing a local HackSI sponsor to take notice of his work. Shortly after the third year event he was offered a job at Liaison Technologies where he continues to work as an Integration Analyst.

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