Sponsoring HackSI

HackSI depends completely on donations from our corporate sponsors as well as individual donations from people like you! Every little bit helps us to provide a fantastic event for our hackers. Even a donation as small as $5.00 could add hardware or food for the hackers.

As of December 2016, HackSI, Inc is a registered not for profit in the state of Illinois. We are currently working to file our Federal 501(c)3 paperwork to obtian federal not for profit status.

We have sponsorship tiers available. If you want to be part of this awesome hackathon, reach out to us at sponsors@hacksi.org. Our sponsorship levels can be found here.

You can send online donations to us via PayPal with the form below or you can also donate by check to:

1117 N Carbon St
PMB 162
Marion, IL 62959