Sponsoring HackSI

HackSI depends completely on donations from our corporate sponsors as well as individual donations from people like you! Every little bit helps us to provide a fantastic event for our hackers. Even a donation as small as $5.00 could add hardware or food for the hackers.

As of December 2016, HackSI, Inc is a registered nonprofit in the state of Illinois and at the federal level.

We have a tax exempt status and are a fully supported 501(c)(3) with the EIN of: 81-4741976

We have sponsorship tiers available. If you want to be part of this awesome hackathon, reach out to us at sponsors@hacksi.org. Our sponsorship levels can be found here.

You can send online donations to us via PayPal with the form below or you can also donate by check to:

Office of Innovation and Economic Development
1740 Innovation Drive, Suite 103
Carbondale, IL 62903